T994 Multiples


This module serves as a distributor of CVs, GATE or audio signals. It can be compared to the Formant Gate Distributor Module. It works as a simple unbuffered signal distributer to omit 1:n patch cables. If a gate signal, a CV or an audio signal has to be fed into more than one consumer one can use this simple distribution field module to spread the amount of possible targets instead of using patch cables with one input and several output lines.
But being unbuffered means that you have to be careful concerning voltage losses due to lack of output resistance or output buffers of the modules providing the multiplied signal. If that happens a buffered multiplier should be used instead.


There are 4 independent blocks of 4 jacks provided. Each connector can be used as input or output.
There is no real circuit behind it. This module is a pure frontpanel solution, just wired 6.3mm jacks. The schematic can be obtained here. Attention: Clicking the circuit means acceptance of the disclaimer on page bottom!

Complete module:


The four blocks of four jacks of the user interface are optically marked with connection lines between the corresponding 6.3 mm jacks. The original module provides only two blocks of four jacks, but this was a waste of front panel space in my opinion.

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