T995 Attenuators


This module does a general level adjustment of all types of signals. In other modular systems these level adjustment pots are part of the modules itself, wired between an input jack and the corresponding circuit behind. In Moog Modulars there is an extra module for it, and the adjustment function is outsourced from the processing modules to this one: to the Attenuator.


There are 3 independent attenuators provided. Each consists of an input jack, a linear potentiometer wired as voltage divider and an output jack. The attenuator is unbuffered.
There is no real circuit behind it. This module is a pure frontpanel solution, just wired 6.3mm jacks and a potentiometer. The schematic can be obtained here. Attention: Clicking the circuit means acceptance of the disclaimer on page bottom!

Complete module:


The three attenuators consist of two 6.3 mm jacks (input and output) and the level adjustment knob each, like the original.

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