TCP4A Control Panel Mono Stereo Interface and PSU Bus


After a 15 month break I continued with my System 55 Clone project and added another control panel module, the TCP4A, but this one has no historical paradigm at all. When a friend came to me to do some jamming he brought some instruments with stereo output and / or input, with 3.5mm jacks or 6.3mm, so I had difficulties to integrate his stuff into my modular. To be independant of plug formats I created the TCP4A providing mono to stereo converters, and vice versa, in 6.3mm and 3.5mm format.
Additionally the module provides two PSU bus connectors to provide a power supply for new modules growing on my workbench...

The TCP4A consists of two identical subunits: A stereo to 2 x mono splitter which can be used in either direction in 6.3mm format, the same for 3.5mm jacks, and a 9 pole male d-sub for power supply purposes to provide external circuits with +/- 15V dc.


No circuit, just wired connectors. The PSU d-subs are connected directly to the TCP8A Power Supply.


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