Triple Waveform Processor

The Triple Waveform Processor Module (WFP) contains three independent WFPs, which are able to "clip" or "turn around" incoming waveforms.
The "turn around point" (let's say the position on the Y axis of a hypothetical waveform diagram) can be determined by a CLIPPING NIVEAU pot and can be modulated by an adjustable CLIPPING MODULATION input.
The clipping and turning extent is determined by the SYMMETRY pot.
Each WFP has two adjustable mixed signal inputs (SIGNAL 1 and SIGNAL 2).

This rather simple module is a great sound extension for the synthesizer, as lots of new waveforms can be created and even just a static turn around of a simple waveform results in a complex waveform with additional and sometimes strange harmonics.
If you modulate the clipping niveau in audio range you get real weird waveforms with very complex harmonics.

The circuit does *NOT* come from the book "Formant Pro MSS 2000" by H.J. Helmstedt (in the book there is another circuit provided for that), but belongs to the original Formant extention book from the 70's.

Sound example:
see below.

Reproductions hints:
I made a new layout (again) because one WFP can be lost on a huge eurocard, so I placed three of them on it. It could have been four, but I did not want to create such a front panel monster.

Example 1: Greetings from Miss Marple: A triangle waveform is turned around.

Example 2: A triangle waveform is clipped by a square in audio frequency range.
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Carsten Toensmann