Top Row:VCO2 x 2, MoogVCF x 2, Sample and Hold x 2, Quad ADSR, Dual VCA, Triple CVS
2nd Row:UCVM, 440Hz, SCR, Dual CVI, Phaser, Oktavdivider
3rd Row:Dual VCLFO, Triple Noise, Triple Ringmodulator,
Triple Waveformprocessor, RFM, Delay, Mixer
4th Row:VCO x 2, Triple VCA, Multiple,
VCF 12db, Dual ADSR, Output
Title story of Synthesizer Magazine No. 22!
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Status 2008/05/01:

Current amount of Modules: 46
VCOs: 4
440Hz: 1
CVS: 3
CVI: 2
Sample and Hold: 2
VCAs: 5
VCFs: 3
ADSRs: 6
LFOs: 2
Ringmodulators: 3
Waveformprocessors: 3
RFMs: 1
Delays: 1
Reverbs: 1
Multiples: 1
Mixer: 1
UCVMs: 1
Phaser: 1
Oktavdivider: 1
Outputs: 1

Synthesizer construction

01.05.2008: Oktavdivider module completed.
...meaning that the third module cabinet is completed!!!!

18.01.2008: (Dual) CVI module completed.
15.12.2007: Phaser module completed.
24.08.2007: (Dual) simple vca module completed.
10.05.2007: Quad ADSR module completed.
29.03.2007: Sample and Hold module completed.
01.03.2007: ControlVoltageSource module (CVS) completed.
29.09.2005: First Moog filter module completed.
01.09.2005: First DSP based reverb- / multieffect module finished.
New Keyboard finished.
Crystal based 440Hz reference oszillator finished.
27.09.2004: First VCO2 completed (new VCO type).
Universal Control Voltage Module completed, first microcontroller based project.
First microcontroller test board completed, first step in microcontroller based sequenzer development.
04.05.2003: First Resonance Filter Module completed.
...meaning that the second module cabinet is completed!!!!

First Delay Module completed.
First (Triple-) Waveform Processor completed.
16.01.2003: Triple ringmodulator completed.
29.12.2002: 4x3 Mixer Module completed.
18.12.2002: First Triple Noise Module completed.
12.11.2002: First VC-LFO Module completed.
First GATE-Distributor completed.
...meaning that the first module cabinet is completed!!!!

17.10.2002: First VCF Module completed.
19.09.2002: First exponential (Triple-)VCA Module completed.
19.08.2002: First (Dual-)ADSR-Module completed.
12.08.2002: First Output Module completed.
11.07.2002: First VCO completed.
31.05.2002: First Digital Analog Converter completed for the first voice.
January 2002: Completion of keyboard enclosure incl. power supply, digital polyphonic bus and keyboard interface. (redevelopment of Formant Pro circuit).
Summer 2001: Buying of the book Formant Pro MSS 2000.

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