Moog Modular Clone

This is the current status of my Moog modular clone. Please click on an entry of the diary to see a detailed module description.

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Status 25.04.2021

Upper Cabinet: T904A VC_LPF, T904C Filter Coupler, T904B VC_HPF, T995 Attenuators,
T994 Multiples, T984 4x4 Channel Mixer, T993 STrigger and Envelope Voltage Router,
T911-A Dual Trigger Delay, T911 ADSR Bank, T902 VCA Bank
Full size row of main cabinet: T901 Oscillator Bank, TMINIA Oscillator Driver,
TMINIB Oscillator, T914 Extended Fixed Filter Bank, T960 Sequential Controller, TAMP Amplifier Cascade
Medium size row of main cabinet: 3 x TCP3A Mixer / Router, TCP4A Interface and PSU Access,
TOUT Output Module, TCP8A Power Supply
Current amount of Modules: 22
T901A VCO Bank: 1
T902 VCA Bank: 1
T904A VC_LPF: 1
T904B VC_HPF: 1
T904C Filter Coupler: 1
T911 ADSR Bank: 1
T911-A Dual Trigger Delay: 1
T914 Extended Fixed Filter Bank: 1
T960 Sequential Controller: 1
TAMP Amplifier Cascade: 1
T984 4x4 Channel Mixer: 1
T993 STrigger and Envelope Voltage Router: 1
T994 Multiples: 1
T995 Attenuators: 1
TCP3A Mixer / Router: 3
TCP4A Interface and PSU Access: 1
TMINIA Oscillator Driver: 1
TMINIB Oscillator: 1
TOUT Output Module: 1

25.04.2021: T960 Sequential Controller finished.
22.12.2020: TAMP Amplifier Cascade finished.
20.12.2020: TCP4A Interface and PSU Access finished.
06.09.2019: TOUT Output Module finished.
06.06.2019: TMINIA Oscillator Driver finished.
06.06.2019: TMINIB Oscillator finished.
17.03.2018: T921A Oscillator Driver Clone finished.
21.12.2015: T984 4x4 Channel Mixer Clone finished.
27.03.2015: T993 STrigger and Envelope Voltage Router Clone and T911-A Dual Trigger Delay Clone finished.
21.01.2015: T911 ADSR Bank Clone finished.
02.12.2014: T902 VCA Bank Clone finished.
15.01.2014: T901 VCO Bank Clone finished.
30.04.2013: T950 Keyboard Clone finished.
24.09.2012: TCP3A Control Panel Mixer / Control Voltage Router Clone finished.
26.08.2012: T914 Extended Fixed Filter Bank Clone finished.
07.05.2012: T904C Filter Coupler clone finished.
27.12.2011: T904A Voltage Controled Low Pass Filter clone finished.
20.09.2011: TCP8A Power Supply clone finished.
16.09.2011: T995 Attenuators clone finished.
11.09.2011: T994 Multiples clone finished.
01.08.2011: T904B Voltage Controled High Pass Filter clone finished.

List of cloned Moog modules in numerical order:

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